Terms of service

We are transparent in providing you with Settle Up service. These Terms of service is in an understandable language free of legalese. Also, check out our Privacy Policy.

What service do we provide?

The service is called Settle Up. It has a web app, iOS app, Android app, Windows app, and voice assistant apps. You can find links to all the apps on this website. The service is a group expense tracker with synchronization via our servers. Some parts of the service are paid under the Premium plan (explained in the app). Some parts of the service are free to use.

What’s prohibited?

Please don’t use the service in the following ways:

What happens if you break these terms?

We have the right to delete your account, your Settle Up data and data of people you shared it with. In extreme cases, we might block your IP address/devices.

How long will we support the app?

We don’t guarantee any availability or stability. The service is provided “as is” and can be shut down anytime. However, we will try hard to prevent that. If you find any problems, please contact our support. We will try to let all users know by email before we make major changes/outages/shutdowns.

Who is behind Settle Up?

The legal entity which owns Settle Up apps is:

Step Up Labs Inc.
1611 E. 2nd Street
Casper, WY, 82601
United States

You can find people behind it at stepuplabs.io. We are all based in the Czech Republic, Europe.